They say it takes a village–and boy, does it ever. But today’s needs are drastically different than the generations before us. With quick moving pieces and constantly changing schedules, moms today need more than a village–they need a complete support network right at their fingertips. Which is why we built The HUB. The support you need, when you need it. Need something you don’t see? Let us know!

Meet Your Village

Our partners, your support team.


Lead & Parent
Lead & Parent

Whether returning to paid work after a career pause or managing work-life integration as a leader and a parent, Parent’s Pivot provides 1:1 and group coaching to support you through these key transitions.

Get career guidance at your own pace:

Confidence is the key to unlocking your career growth. This guided course will help you to move past what may be holding you back.


Nest Collaborative
Nest Collaborative

Breastfeeding and pumping can be challenging. We’re here to help. Get expert guidance from Nest Collaborative’s extensive network of skilled IBCLCs, available 7 days a week via telehealth with no out-of-pocket costs through insurance.


Mental Health & Family Therapy
Mental Health & Family Therapy

For our working mothers in Texas, psychologist & perinatal mental health specialist Dr. Hentschel works with women who may feel overwhelmed, particularly in the challenging times of transition. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other impactful evidence-based approaches, she empowers women with the skills to work through their ever-changing seasons of life, maintaining relationships, career, and self for a more balanced and fulfilled mindset.

The Balance Blog

Support and resources to make life a little easier and help keep the balance between work and motherhood.
  • The BabyBuddha Pump – a review

    The BabyBuddha Pump – a review

    I almost passed on this pump. I almost quit it too soon. I’m so glad I didn’t. This isn’t a story of love at first pump but we do live happily ever after.  The very first time I used my BabyBuddha, I was caught way off guard by its strength. Continue reading

  • Breast Milk Teether Pops

    Breast Milk Teether Pops

    There are lots of tricks and products out there for teething babies, but there’s one particular option that’s flown under the radar. It doesn’t require medication, is easy to DIY, and babies love it: Breast Milk Teether Pops. Continue reading

  • The Holy Haakaa

    The Holy Haakaa

    I wish I’d known about the Haakaa earlier on, when I was just beginning nursing and establishing my supply. The reality is that maybe I’d seen or heard of it but I probably ignored it, wrongly assuming that anything remotely manual was just never going to be worth it to me when I had multiple… Continue reading

  • The Parenting Well

    The Parenting Well

    Such an important topic. Unfortunately, it’s one that often gets overlooked, especially with regard to parenthood.  Continue reading

  • The Things I Googled

    The Things I Googled

    Becoming a mother is crazy. In an instant your world completely changes and it doesn’t matter how much you prepared for that change, you will be unprepared for what’s to come. Continue reading

  • Brief Transitions. The Luxury of Mesh Undies.

    Brief Transitions. The Luxury of Mesh Undies.

    I’d heard, prior to giving birth, that moms also leave the hospital in a diaper and that the mesh undies from the hospital were clutch for surviving those first few days.   Continue reading

  • Monday Musings: It’s a BOY!

    Everyone and their dog predicted I’d be having a boy–seriously ev-er-ry-one. Even the checkout lady at Central Market, who was so confident in her prediction she asked that I return after the birth to let her know Continue reading

  • Monday Musings: The innie popped outie

    Monday Musings: The innie popped outie

    My belly button popped out at about 23 weeks. I know this is a very common aspect of pregnancy, but my mom’s never popped out (or so she claims) so I was sort of expecting mine to remain an innie as well. I found this side effect of my gigantic growing belly to be somewhat… Continue reading