Breast Milk Teether Pops

There are lots of tricks and products out there for teething babies, but there’s one particular option that’s flown under the radar. It doesn’t require medication, is easy to DIY, and babies love it:

Breast Milk Teether Pops

All you need is an ounce or two of breastmilk and a baby popsicle mold.

I searched for various baby popsicle molds, making sure to try to only buy those that were non-toxic and BPA-free. I ended up ordering two, the Fresh Baby and the Teetherpop* and decided to use the Teetherpop because a) it required less breastmilk, b) it’s large handle makes it easy for babies to hold it themselves, and most importantly, c) it has a silicone cover that prevents the milk from melting all over the place. As the baby gnaws on it and it begins to defrost, the milk slowly drips out into the baby’s mouth via a few tiny holes at the top. (I’ll probably still use the Fresh Baby – I like the mold, but I’ll save it for when we’re doing fruits, etc. and I don’t have to worry as much about melting away any of that liquid gold.)

*apparently the Amazon link isn’t working, but they also sell them at BuyBuyBaby

It was so easy. I used my Haakaa to grab an extra ounce of breastmilk (that way I didn’t even need to dip into my supply!), filled the mold before bed, and voila! Since I froze mine overnight, I’m not sure how long it took but since there’s so little liquid, I imagine it would go pretty quickly and you could even make same-day.

Charlie loved it!

A few tips:

  1. Run the popsicle under warm water before handing it to baby. This gets the thawing process jumpstarted so baby can get a taste of the milk as soon as he starts gnawing on it.
  2. Don’t do this on an empty stomach. If baby is hungry, this might frustrate her because the milk comes out slowly as she works on it.

Check out our instagram post to see the video of how it went 😄😂