The BabyBuddha Pump – a review

At about the size of an iphone, this wireless pump packs an unbelievable punch!

I almost passed on this pump. I almost quit it too soon. I’m so glad I didn’t.

This isn’t a story of love at first pump but we do live happily ever after.  The very first time I used my BabyBuddha, I was caught way off guard by its strength. Unlike other pumps I’d used, rather than start with a steady, soft rhythm, this one’s stimulation mode is super powerful. It has a series of 10 short pulls followed by one very long, intense pull. When that long one hit–completely unexpectedly I might add–I literally thought it was going to suction my nips right off. It was intense. And sort of painful. After all, there wasn’t really a warm up period. This thing went 0 to 60 in ten seconds flat. And I vacillated from being just completely blown away impressed, and being not into it at all because it was so uncomfortable. 

And because it was uncomfortable, I think my body would tense up which ultimately hindered what I was able to pump. The first session went great but for the next two or three sessions, I hardly got anything and I can only guess that it was because I was super tense and uncomfortable. 

So, I was about to toss this one aside. But, because it is so small, mighty, and portable, and I really really wanted to love it, I decided to give it another try. But this time, I hit up Google first. And I found so many tricks and tips. 


BB themselves post pump part hacks on their website. I actually love that they do this but it’s also sort of strange… And it’s not that their set up is bad, it’s just that it involves SO many parts. More parts = more time cleaning and assembling.  

But this “hack” was awesome for me because I already had the spectra, which has fewer parts involved, so I decided to give their kit a try and it worked really well. Now, with the spectra kit and the BB kit as my backup, I’m actually able to fit a lot more sessions in between washing parts, which is amazing when you’re on-the-go. (If you don’t already have the spectra, you can buy their kit here and it would still ultimately be a cheaper setup than buying a different pump.) 

BabyBuddha vs. Spectra Parts

Also, it says not to submerge the upper covers in water, which means I can’t toss them into the bin of soapy water that I begrudgingly keep perpetually on my counter for pumping supplies. Not sure if I can put them in the dishwasher either, so I always hand wash them. But washing pump parts is such a drag, so I’m not thrilled about special instructions.

I also decided to do away with these massage shields. I think they’re supposed to make it more comfortable but for me they were just one more part to wash and attach, and they made it REALLY hard for me to put the flanges on –  the material would sort of catch on my hands-free bra making it too hard to get the flange through the opening. I didn’t think they added much to the experience and I haven’t missed them at all since I stopped using them. 

Lastly, and this was the real game changer for me, I read a few other reviews that talked about disabling the auto program and taking it manual.

Now, this won’t be necessary for everyone. In fact, just google BabyBuddha or follow them on IG and you’ll see tons of women who are not only loving the auto-program, but pumping bottles full of milk with it–and doing so faster than with other pumps. Hats off to them! However, I think a lot of people are like me and do better with more of a warm up period. So, I think it’s important that people know that one size doesn’t fit all and that they should think outside of the “autoprogram” box and find what works best for them.

So, here’s my routine:

  • Turn it on and immediate switch from Stimulation Mode to Suction Mode (I know, this is counterintuitive, but the Suction Mode provides a softer warm up)
  • Keep this setting for 1-2 minutes


  • After about 2 minutes, switch back over to Stimulation Mode. 
  • After about 6 or 8 minutes or so, I’ll slowly bump up the intensity to level 2, and occasionally I’ll even go to 3. I almost never go higher. Y’all. This thing is SO powerful. Kudos to BabyBuddha. How they made such a powerful pump into such a tiny, wearable little gadget is beyond me – it’s impressive.
  • Sometimes, if pumping for longer and looking for a second letdown, I’ll switch back over to Suction and do the whole thing again

Now that I’ve mastered my routine, I have come to LOVE the long pull cycle – and even miss it at times when I’m using a different pump. The sound of that long pull and the resulting splish splash of milk dropping into bottles is one of the absolute most rewarding sounds I can think of–aside from my baby’s laugh 🙂

I think each person will have to play around a bit with the settings to figure out what works best for them – there’s definitely a learning curve. If you have the BB and have mastered a regimen, I would love to hear from you!

A few other important things to note: 

  • The little roller ball the controls the settings is incredibly sensitive and easy to accidentally bump if you’re wearing your pump while doing other things. I have accidentally kicked it into high gear on multiple occasions, so be careful!
  • It’s not a quiet pump. 
  • It has a built-in timer, which I love. I don’t understand why all pumps don’t have that feature.
  • The BabyBuddha bottle measurement markings start at 2 oz instead of 1, so if you’re not producing much, it can be kind of a bummer. I know that’s just a mental game, but it still makes me feel better when I’m at least on the scoreboard. (Another reason I prefer using my Spectra attachment kit)
  • The charging port is pretty universal and USB compatible so you can charge on the computer, in the car etc
  • At $225 $189.99 (they’re currently on sale!), it’s a much more affordable on-the-go option than the Willow or Elvie

This pump isn’t perfect (though I have yet to find one that is!); however, it’s crazy powerful and small, and such an amazing option to allow women to be able to pump untethered without sacrificing their production. Now that I’ve mastered the “hacks” and my routine, I absolutely love it.

If you’re thinking of getting your own, use the code: WORK&MOTHER10 for 10% off!