For Landlords

Work & Mother Suites are a gold standard amenity for the modern office. 

The Suites enable landlords to convert underutilized space into a valuable and highly marketable amenity for the building. The shared-space solution, which can be passed through in operating expenses, is actually a more efficient and effective way to solve your tenants’ pain-points around compliance, HR management, and staying competitive with innovative workplace benefits.

Why Your Property Needs Work & Mother

  3 – 4 WELL Certification Credits

  4.75 Fitwel Certification Credits

  Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Program Initiatives

  Helps Tenants Satisfy State and Federal Mother’s Room Obligations Easily and Cost-Effectively

  Building Listed in W&M Directory of Mother-Friendly Workplaces

  “Mother-Friendly Workplace” Seal for Use in Building’s Marketing

  Tenants Listed in W&M Directory of Mother-Friendly Workplaces

  “Mother-Friendly Workplace” Seal for Use in Tenant’s Marketing and Recruiting

  Help Tenants Meet DEI Goals

Work & Mother's Mother Friendly Workplace Seal

What Message Is Your Building Sending?

Commercial real estate is no longer just about location, location, location. In this competitive market where offices are competing with work from home settings, tenants expect the experience of the office to be worth commuting for. Amenities and service are the new “location.” However, what message does it send when a building is offering golf simulators, beverages on tap, and nap pods, but the mothers in the building are still crouching in closets, struggling to pump?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is about more than hiring protocols. It’s about making sure the spaces in which we live, work and play are truly inclusive.

Your tenant base is more effected by this than you may realize:

• 62% of mothers who gave birth within the last 12 months are in the workforce

• 32% of workers have children under 18, and of these, a 25% have children younger than 6 years old

• 41% of mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families

• Women are getting advanced degrees at a faster rate than men (100 women for every 74 men)

Work & Mother puts the safety, sanitation, and dignity back into the equation for working mothers.

An Amenity For ALL

Work & Mother is about more than just the Suites. With the support app and W&M HUB, there are support resources for all working parents, regardless of their proximity to or use of the Suites. Our health and wellness experts and educational programming give parents what they need to transition back to work and successfully balance the demands of family and career over an extended time.

• Fathers spend more time on child care than previously

• Adoption, surrogacy, and fertility treatment advancements are changing the way workers become parents, and the manners in which they need support

• Leasing decisions are influenced most often by HR Managers

In short, both mothers and fathers need proper accommodations and support at work and tenants are looking for ways they can provide this support while bringing their employees back to the office.


  • Work & Mother provides the landlord with a specifications and build book, which includes planning guidelines, architectural specifications, fixtures and finishes matrix, visual references
  • Work & Mother provides consulting services from start to finish, and provides project management to assist with landlord’s build out process
  • Work & Mother provides building-specific marketing assets and other tools to assist with leasing efforts
  • Work & Mother operates the facility:
    • Membership system and app
    • Tenant enrollments and suite access
    • Suites and equipment maintenance
    • Tenant engagement and events
    • Support resources and additional supplies, and
    • Reporting for the landlord

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