Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need for a Work & Mother suite in my building?

The suites can range from 350 sf (serving ~200k sf CRE) to 1,400 sf (serving 3.4 MM sf CRE).  We work with the landlord to recommend optimal suite sizes based on  user experience, tenant makeup, density of the building, and Fitwel/WELL/ESG goals.  We can work with smaller footprints based on the building’s availability as our app allows for real time booking and management.

How many points does a Work & Mother suite contribute to Well/Fitwel/ESG?

Our suites can contribute up to 4.75 points. A lactation suite is the highest ranking line item on the Fitwel scorecard.

How much does it cost to build out a lactation suite for working mothers?

The cost depends on the market, existing conditions, suite size, etc. but on average fully dedicated lactation Suites cost $150 – $200/sf. A Work & Mother suite is a compact footprint so overall CapEx is budget-friendly.

How much does it cost to operate?

We offer three different service tiers and pricing to accommodate all budgets.  The basic service tiers are listed below:

  • Standard: Virtual Suite Management
  • Premium: Onsite Shared Management
  • Concierge:  Full Time Work & Mother Onsite Management

Please inquire for specific pricing.

What are the Tenant benefits?

  • Satisfy ESG & DEI initiatives and FLSA legal requirements
  • Improve recruiting and retention – data shows lactation support benefits can increase retention by up to 40%
  • Allocate TI allowance to improve your buildout and office space utilization
  • Earn a Mother-Friendly Workplace Seal and Directory listing
  • Generate positive PR
  • Reduce insurance claims and sick days (parents who formula feed take PTO days to care for sick children twice as often as those who breastfeed)
  • Differentiate yourselves from competition

What are the Landlord benefits?

  • Unique, highly marketable turnkey amenity
  • Work & Mother serves as your partner and helps solve your tenants’ HR & compliance challenges
  • Positive PR
  • Earn Fitwell/WELL credits, which can contribute towards GRESB assessment indicators
  • Differentiator to assist in leasing efforts
  • Data shows that heavily amenitized buildings charge 18%+ more in rent
  • Use Work & Mother’s our virtual and in-person events activate and engage tenants

How does it work?

Phase 1: Work & Mother provides detailed plans, recommendations, best practices, and legal considerations to help landlords plan and design the optimal suites and service packages for their buildings.

Phase 2: Work & Mother brings the technology, furnishing, and hospital-grade supplies, and operates the suite on behalf of the building. Work & Mother can operate as an extension of HR for all tenants in the building, providing support resources to tenants, in addition to a mother-friendly workplace designation and a lactation accommodation policy for handbooks.

Why do I need a Work & Mother Suite in my building?

  • Satisfy legal compliance requirements
  • Charge higher rental rates
  • Contributes to higher tenant satisfaction
  • Differentiated offering to drive leasing activity
  • Drives higher daily occupancy rates