Work & Mother operates much like a building gym. Rather than every company trying to create individual solutions to support working mothers, they can simply access their building’s Work & Mother Suite and enjoy the benefits. Landlords are able to relieve a costly logistical burden for their tenants and provide a truly supportive amenity. The suites have everything a woman needs to pump during the workday, including private rooms, hospital-grade pumps and accessories, cleaning, refrigeration, storage, a private booking system, additional support resources, and much more.

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  • Work & Mother provides the landlord with a specifications and build book, which includes planning guidelines, architectural specifications, fixtures and finishes matrix, visual references
  • Work & Mother provides consulting services from start to finish, and provides project management to assist with landlord’s build out process
  • Work & Mother provides building-specific marketing assets and other tools to assist with leasing efforts
  • Work & Mother operates the facility, including the membership system and app, overseeing tenant enrollments and suite access, equipment maintenance, tenant engagement and events, support resources and additional supplies, and reporting for the landlord.

Benefits To Tenants & Landlords

  3 – 4 WELL Certification Credits

  4.75 Fitwel Certification Credits

  Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Program Initiatives

  Helps Tenants Satisfy State and Federal Mother’s Room Obligations Easily and Cost-Effectively

  Building Listed in W&M Directory of Mother-Friendly Workplaces

  “Mother-Friendly Workplace” Seal for Use in Building’s Marketing

  Tenants Listed in W&M Directory of Mother-Friendly Workplaces

  “Mother-Friendly Workplace” Seal for Use in Tenant’s Marketing and Recruiting

  Help Tenants Meet DEI Goals

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