The Gold Standard Amenity to Help Employers Support Working Mothers

How It Works
Safe and Compliant Space

A Safe & Compliant Space

Work & Mother provides a network of fully equipped lactation facilities that not only supports working mothers but makes it easy for employers to be in compliance with FLSA regulations.

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Keeping Moms in the Workforce

Many employers are about to lose an employee & don’t even know it. Even though 75% of women plan to return to work after becoming mothers, 43% of new mothers end up leaving their jobs. W&M helps prevent workplace attrition associated with childbirth, while also helping mothers reach their breastfeeding goals and keep their children happy and healthy. A win-win for everyone!

Employee Retention


Keeping Moms in the Workforce
Productivity and Cost Savings

Health, Productivity, & Cost-Savings

Human milk boosts a baby’s immune system and helps protect against common childhood illnesses, infections, allergies, and dermatitis. Reduced sick days for baby means fewer work absences by mothers. The lower healthcare care costs for breastfed babies translates to lower medical insurance claims for businesses.

Health & Savings