Monday Musings: It’s a BOY!

On April 7th, 2019, I gave birth to a healthy, adorable baby boy!

Everyone and their dog predicted I’d be having a boy–seriously ev-er-ry-one. Even the checkout lady at Central Market, who was so confident in her prediction she asked that I return after the birth to let her know. Sure, let me just waddle over there, newborn in tow and give you the full Lion King introduction. Sorry, lady, I’m not hunting you down but if you’re reading this, congratulations, you were right. Same to you, busboy at La Madeline, abuelita who touched my belly, Starbucks barista, woman walking dog… you were all right.

Even the balloons at my baby shower knew. By best friend had purchased two giant balloons, one pink and one blue, to line the entrance. The pink one popped right before the party started, leaving the blue to welcome our guests alone.

But even with all of these “signs” I still found myself absolutely surprised by his arrival. I guess I started to think that if this many people were certain it was a boy, it was surely going to be a girl. So, when I pushed that baby out and my husband shouted it’s a boy, I remember feeling surprised at how surprised I felt. And just so, SO Happy. 

My handsome, sweet little boy has already stolen my heart. And my rest. But duh.

And now the fun really begins…