They say it takes a village–and boy, does it ever. But today’s needs are drastically different than the generations before us. With quick moving pieces and constantly changing schedules, moms today need more than a village–they need a complete support network right at their fingertips. Which is why we built The HUB. The support you need, when you need it. Need something you don’t see? Let us know!

Meet Your Village

Our partners, your support team.


Lead & Parent
Lead & Parent

Whether returning to paid work after a career pause or managing work-life integration as a leader and a parent, Parent’s Pivot provides 1:1 and group coaching to support you through these key transitions.

Get career guidance at your own pace:

Confidence is the key to unlocking your career growth. This guided course will help you to move past what may be holding you back.


Nest Collaborative
Nest Collaborative

Breastfeeding and pumping can be challenging. We’re here to help. Get expert guidance from Nest Collaborative’s extensive network of skilled IBCLCs, available 7 days a week via telehealth with no out-of-pocket costs through insurance.


Mental Health & Family Therapy
Mental Health & Family Therapy

For our working mothers in Texas, psychologist & perinatal mental health specialist Dr. Hentschel works with women who may feel overwhelmed, particularly in the challenging times of transition. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other impactful evidence-based approaches, she empowers women with the skills to work through their ever-changing seasons of life, maintaining relationships, career, and self for a more balanced and fulfilled mindset.

The Balance Blog

Support and resources to make life a little easier and help keep the balance between work and motherhood.
  • Monday Musings: It’s a….

    Monday Musings: It’s a….

    My husband and I decided we didn’t want to find out the sex of our baby – we wanted it to be a surprise. Actually, I decided that and he reluctantly went along with the plan. I love not knowing. I love imaging what this baby will be like, and I cannot wait to meet… Continue reading

  • Monday Musings: Pregnant!

    Monday Musings: Pregnant!

    I was in the process of creating Work & Mother’s first location when I found out I was pregnant. I was SO excited. But unfortunately, that excitement was somewhat masked by the fears I had of other people’s perceptions. Continue reading

  • NYC’s New Lactation Room Laws Go Into Effect!

    NYC’s New Lactation Room Laws Go Into Effect!

    Monday, March 18th is the day that New York City’s two new lactation room laws go into effect. Int. No. 879-A and Int. No. 905-A place additional obligations on employers to to accommodate employees who choose to pump breast milk during the work day. Continue reading

  • Protecting Breastfeeding: Texas HB243

    Protecting Breastfeeding: Texas HB243

    I recently sat down with Texas Representative Jessica Farrar (D-Houston, District 148) to discuss Texas House Bill 243. To summarize, the bill basically acknowledges that breastfeeding is an important and basic act of nurture that must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health. Continue reading

  • The Trouble with “Wellness Rooms”

    The Trouble with “Wellness Rooms”

    Wellness rooms have made a big leap in popularity in recent years. These days, most companies and commercial architects are including it in office floor plans as a standard element. This is great for so many reasons. But, it’s exactly because wellness rooms are needed for so many reasons that they are actually failing breastfeeding… Continue reading

  • The Idea was Born

    The Idea was Born

    The idea for Work & Mother came to me before I had kids. At the time, I was dating an amazing man who I knew would someday become my husband (he did!), working full-time for a marketing agency, while also going to school full time to get my MBA (shoutout to my fellow Rice Owls!).… Continue reading