Monday Musings: It’s a….

My husband and I decided we didn’t want to find out the sex of our baby – we wanted it to be a surprise. Actually, I decided that and he reluctantly went along with the plan. I love not knowing. I love imaging what this baby will be like, and I cannot wait to meet him or her.

The funniest part about waiting is how much it KILLS other people. “How can you just wait when I’m dying to know?” “How are you going to paint the nursery?” “Ugh, are you going to do everything in yellow and gray?” “What about a gender reveal party?” “Oh, I’m waaaay too ‘Type A’ to not know.”

First of all, it’s not killing me. It’s strangely calming to me – my whole world is about to change in a matter of months (now weeks!) and somehow, not knowing makes me feel like there’s less I need to worry about right now (aka, less shopping. For now)  I’m definitely Type A – but not knowing the gender does not hinder your ability to prepare. It just changes the way you prepare. 

Secondly, the baby is going to be sleeping in our room for the first few weeks of its life, and babies don’t have good color vision until they’re around 5 months old. The sex of my baby would have zero impact on my paint selection. The room in our house that will soon be converted to a nursery already has light, blue-gray walls. Why? Because I love that color. And I’m a girl. The walls were never going to be pink or bright blue. Or yellow. Yellow just makes me scared the baby will be awake ALL THE TIME. Call me selfish, but I’m of the opinion that the nursery should be geared for the mom. After all, I’m the one that will be doing all the hard work in there – nursing, changing, being sleep-deprived in general–the baby just has to sleep in there, for the time being anyway. So it should be calming and pleasing and beautiful and, of course, cute as can be. Thanks to good ole Pinterest, we have so many inspirations and go-bys for creating adorable gender-neutral nurseries without sacrificing a thing: like this, this, or this. Also, thanks to Amazon Prime and all the other insta-shippers out there, you can have boy or girl accessories and personalized touches waiting for you on your doorstep by the time you get home from the hospital. I know I already have running lists at multiple stores – so as soon as I know the gender, I’ll probably be doing some serious damage to my wallet.

And lastly, gender reveal parties simply aren’t my thing. I’ve seen some very cute ones, I totally understand the appeal, and if it’s your thing, more power to you! Just please don’t set any forests on fire or attempt to use wild animals. But what I love, is the idea of my husband getting to be the one to call it at the plate – the ultimate gender reveal! For him to get to run out to the waiting room and spread the good news to our anxiously awaiting family and friends. This, btw, was how I got my husband on board with waiting, in case any of you ladies are hoping to do the same 🙂