COSTAR: Latest Office Amenity: Dedicated Breast-Pumping Space for Nursing Moms

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“The supply closet. The conference room. The nook by the copy machine. These are just some examples of the makeshift spaces that companies are providing for new moms to pump breast milk at work.

In the age of open-floor concepts, coworking and glass walls, finding privacy to pump and store breast milk in the workplace can be increasingly challenging for new moms. Often, working moms can wind up pumping in the car, in the bathroom or skipping the process altogether.

As a result, Abbey Donnell founded Work & Mother to provide a boutique service where nursing moms can find private, nearby places to pump in office buildings with multiple tenants. Members have access to private rooms with medical-grade equipment, cleaning supplies, refrigerators for storing milk, lockers and hands-free pumping equipment that can let them keep working while pumping….”

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