Easy Non-Toxic Living Switches That I Have Made

Eleven years ago I started taking non-toxic living seriously. I was pregnant with my first son and that was enough to realize that I had to make changes in my home and routine for my own health and my unborn child’s health.

It, however, was a slow process at first.   I did not change everything overnight.  And some changes took some trial and error until I found a suitable replacement…sometimes years later.  I say this because I think its important for everyone to understand that the journey to ‘non-toxic living’ does not happen overnight and in fact it is always an ongoing process – even a decade later!

Here are some products that I used to use and what I have replaced them with…

1. Secret deodorant (with aluminum, fragrance chemicals, talc and petrolatum) —> Soapwalla.  

I tried many many deodorants before finding one that I loved.  There are actually a couple I like and work well however Soapwalla works well for both my husband and myself so we just buy that one for both os us now.   It is also baking soda free for those who are allergic (my husband is).

2. Pantene Pro V Shampoo (with fragrance,METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, SLS and more) —> Innersense and Rahua

It also took many years to find cleaner shampoos that I like. Ten years ago the options were very limited but today I find these two brands have great products!

3. Chanel Face Cream (with fragrance, PEGS, parabens and more) —> Just Ingredients Frankincense and Jojoba oil Face Serum , Ann Marie, Biossance, Beautycounter

4. Crest Toothpaste (used to contain artificial dyes, SLS, fluoride, Polysorbate 80 and more) —> Risewell and Dr. Bronners

You can use code: 10NONTOXICMUNCHKIN for 10% off Risewell.

5. Oral B Glide dental floss (made of plastic and with PFAS) —> Radius silk dental floss. 

Another relative recent find (about 3 years ago) this one is completely plastic free which is an added perk I love.)

6. Non-stick pans and loaf baking dishes (contain PFAS chemicals) —> Cast iron, ceramic and stainless steel

(I have many I like in my Amazon Shop under ‘pots and pans’ )

7. Windex (fragrance, ETHANOLAMINE, AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE —>  Water and Vinegar!

8. Method Laundry Detergent (fragrance, 1,4 dioxide contamination, POLYACRYLATES, PEGS and more) —> Humble Suds and Meliora

You can use code: NONTOXICMUNCHKIN10 for 10% off Humblesuds.

9. Aqua di Gio Perfume (19 different sensitizing chemicals , 6 endocrine disrupting, fragrance chemicals) —> Henry Rose and Curata Dulceo

10. Conventional underwear (pesticides, potential BPA) —> PACT organic underwear

I am slowly finding more companies that are making them but PACT has great prices for the whole family. Opok is a great alternative for the men in your life.

I could go on and on- as these are only some of the switches I have made over the years – but the point is that every change you make adds up!   Small changes matter and some take longer than others and that is ok! Hope this list inspires some of you to make some changes!!

Ok guys: now its your turn! Whats were some of the first switches you made?

Aida Garcia-Toledo is the Founder of 3 Little Plums (Originally Non-Toxic Munchkin), mom to two very energetic boys, and a nature and travel lover. She created 3 Little Plums to make non-toxic living simpler and less overwhelming. For over a decade, with her philosophy of small steps = big impact, she has been empowering and teaching families to take small steps to reduce toxin exposure, helping them create a balanced, non-toxic, healthy home.