The HUB: Nutritionists

Lindsey Cosyns & Laura Krebs-Holm
Registered Dietitians

Lindsey and Laura met in grad school as they studied to become registered dietitians. Their passion for wellness and health through nutrition first brought them together, but their love for puppies, popcorn and wine created a rock-solid friendship. Naturally, when they became mothers, they shared all kinds of new research on breastfeeding, prenatal nutrition, food allergies in littles, and weaning . Then it hit them- they had so many questions and found so much of the new research fascinating, and they were trained in this. But wouldn’t ALL new mothers and mamas-2-be feel the same? They both really wanted to help expectant mothers, new mothers, and mamas of multiples with whatever new nutritional waters they were crossing. Struggling with nausea and fatigue? Been there. Have to figure out how to breastfeed a preemie when your supply isn’t ready yet? Done that dance. Dealt with protein intolerances and allergies while nursing? We both did that same thing. Want to nourish yourself postpartum because you just created and delivered a tiny human? So did we. Want to explore first foods and weaning? It’s the most (and messiest) fun we’ve ever had.

We believe that motherhood is the most difficult and rewarding thing we ever do. It’s also the most important. And it’s complicated and frustrating and scary. But you, Mama, are not alone. Let us help you and your family truly thrive.

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