The Best Gifts To Give A Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and rewarding part of motherhood for many moms. But it also requires no small sacrifice of time, energy, and body. If you have a breastfeeding mom on your holiday gift list this year, consider something that will support, encourage, and pamper her in her breastfeeding journey. Consult this list for the best gifts to give a breastfeeding mother to make nursing a little easier and more enjoyable.

The Best Gifts To Give A Breastfeeding Mother

  • Breastfeeding Gift Basket. Put together a pretty basket full of practical items every breastfeeding mother needs. Items to consider include: nipple cream, nursing pads, water bottle, lip balm, snacks, reading material, or any of the other items in this list. Short on time? Buy an already-assembled package!
Basket filled with breastfeeding supplies

Lactation Foods & Drinks. Breastfeeding is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily to everyone. Support a breastfeeding mother’s committed efforts with lactation teas, drinks, cookies, bars, and other products that will help her boost her milk supply.

A bag of lactation cookies

Nursing Apparel. One of the most useful gifts you could give a breastfeeding mother is practical nursing-friendly clothing. Moms learn pretty quickly how to make their regular wardrobe work, but nursing tops, hoodies, and dresses (pictured below is from Latched Mama) make feedings significantly more seamless and comfortable. Ideas for breastfeeding friendly work clothes can be found here.

woman wearing blue nursing dress

Nursing Pajamas & Nightgowns. Make those nighttime feedings a little easier, cozier, and more glamorous with a cute pajama set or beautiful nursing nightgown. If you really want to splurge, the Lake Maternity and Nursing PJ’s are a dream.

woman wearing black nursing pajamas

Nursing Jewelry. A nursing bracelet is helpful for tracking which side to start the next feeding, and a nursing necklace keeps little hands occupied while they eat.

wrist with a watch and a "this side next" bracelet

Personalized nursing pillow cover – A nursing pillow is a baby shower staple, so the mom on your list likely already has one. If so, a soft personalized cover would make a charming gift.

white nursing pillow that says "Oakley"

Cute pump bag. Most breast pumps come with some kind of carrying case or bag, but they’re usually drab and boring. A pretty, stylish bag makes carting a pump around a lot more tolerable and would be a lovely gift for a breastfeeding mother, particularly one who works outside the home. If you really don’t want to lug around your equipment, check out our Austin and Houston Work & Mother membership which includes access to our suites, fully stocked with everything you need, including lockers to store your personal items.

biege nursing pump bag with light brown leather handles

Nursing Cover Scarf. A nursing cover scarf or poncho is a dual-purpose gift that can be worn as a cute accessory and then used as a cover when necessary.

White bust with floral nursing scarf

Breastmilk jewelry — Breastmilk jewelry is gaining in popularity among moms who want a treasured keepsake of their breastfeeding years. It turns real drops of breastmilk into beautiful jewelry to celebrate their hard work and memorialize that precious season. Check out the options at Indigo Willow or get a DIY kit for her to do at home.

brown nest material holding silver necklace holding breastmilk with "Siena" charm

At-home spa set — Breastfeeding takes a lot out of a mom — mind, soul, and body — so she deserves a little pampering in return. If a visit to a nearby spa isn’t an option right now, give her the next best thing – everything she needs to bring the spa to her home!

basket with at home spa supplies

Milkify giftcard or subscriptionMilkify allows nursing mothers to freeze dry their milk so that it lasts up to 3+ years without refrigeration!

box with milkified breastmilk packets

Stanley mug (in Work & Mother Teal) — These are pricey and sell out frequently –and there’s a reason. Once you have one you won’t let it leave your side. They hold a lot of water, perfect for a breastfeeding mama, and still fit in cup holders.

teal stanley coffee mug

Breastfeeding takes a lot out of a new mom. Give her the kind of TLC she deserves with one of these best gifts for breastfeeding moms. They’re sure to support her in her journey while also making her feel like the special woman she is.