Baby Led Weaning Class Series


Navigating baby’s first foods can be challenging, confusing, and sometimes scary! Let us guide you through the introduction of solids, ensure baby’s intake is adequate, and help give you peace of mind that your baby is meeting all of their nutritional needs. 

Baby-Led Weaning is a natural and effective way to introduce solid foods to baby in which the baby takes the lead, and caretakers provide support. It is easier, saves time, and typically less costly than preparing separate foods for the baby (as she eats what you eat) or purchasing pureed foods. It has also been shown to decrease the amount of picky eating, allows for baby to eat intuitively, encourages family mealtime, and has many other health and emotional benefits.

Curious about Baby Led Weaning? Wondering if it’s right for your family and how to do it? Get all your answers here, in our two-part class series, along with our Baby Led Weaning handouts. 

What we’ll cover:

  • How to tackle it if you choose to start with purees
  • Purees vs Baby Led Weaning (BLW)
  • What is BLW and when to start it?
  • Foods to offer, progression, and weaning
  • What to avoid/limit and what if foods are refused
  • Common Concerns and Questions

Refund Policy: This program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product and the inability to actually ‘return’ a physical product.

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