This was a strange one.

While I was pregnant, I saw an article about postpartum recovery and the things no one tells you about… all the things you might need for your vag after pushing a baby out of it. Things like Tucks, Peri bottles, numbing spray, etc. It went on to say you’ll probably even need some ice packs (understandable) but that since you’ll likely be sent home in a giant diaper (update: yep), you can actually do yourself one better by creating Padsicles instead. A Padsicle is a pad that you add soothing liquids to and then freeze. 

I was amused, yet intrigued by this, and, since I was reading about it during a bout of third trimester insomnia, I figured sure why not, and promptly placed a prime order for all the necessary supplies.

(If you are priming as much as most new parents, please remember to use “” it’s the same EXACT thing as the regular amazon except that portions of your purchases go to the charity of your choice. How cool is that?!)


Two days later my boxes of goodies arrived. And then about twenty days later, because ya know, procrastination, at about 4am during another awesome episode of insomnia, I got up and made some padcicles. Here’s how it went:

  1. Pads (This was the very first time in my entire life I ever shopped for pads, which was weird. I decided to go with Rael because they’re 100% cotton without any weird extra ingredients, and they also came in ultra thin but extra long overnight size)
  2. Aloe Vera Gel (go for an organic one that only contains pure ingredients – you’re putting this in a delicate region, after all)
  3. Witch Hazel (a natural, soothing skin remedy that helps reduce inflammation and heal wounds. make sure to get one without alcohol)
  4. Lavender Essential Oil (this is optional, but it helps with inflammation and also smells nice)
  5. Large Ziploc Bag



Step 1: carefully unwrap the pad, being careful to preserve the tape strips. (ruler for reference bc I could not believe how giant this thing was)

Step 2: Coat the pad in Witch Hazel – about 3 or 4 T so the it’s good and soaked

Step 3: Pump approx. 2 T of the aloe onto the pad

Step 4: Add a couple drops of the lavender oil

Step 5: Use the back of a spoon to spread the aloe and lavender evenly

Step 6: refold the pad (reuse your wing tabs so the whole thing doesn’t stick together)

Step 7: put in ziploc and freeze!


Full disclosure, I was lucky enough to have had a very smooth delivery and though was sore, was not in a ton of pain. So, I was hesitant to even try these once I got home because after making them, I had read “These do get wet so consider sitting on a towel or in a place where you don’t mind leaving a bit of a puddle.” eww. That was enough right there for me not to use them. But finally, I thought hell with it, I went through all the effort I may as well give them a try. And you know what? They were awesome. I should’ve used them the minute I got home. And the towel line was completely unnecessary. They didn’t melt or create a “puddle” at all. They simply provided cool, soothing comfort. 

So, if you are expecting, I highly recommend making a batch. Or better yet, get your bff to make them with/for you. That would be the ultimate gift.