An Open Letter To The Most Amazing Mother

Happy Mothers Day | Working Mom

Dear Moms,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wow – what a year 2020 has shaped up to be! We’re not even half way through and it’s thrown more curveballs at us than anyone could have ever expected. The coronavirus has all but stalled everything from the global economy to national healthcare systems to local businesses to in-home family schedules. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that moms are the ones that have been catching those curveballs and keeping the game going for millions of families around the world.

Moms wear many hats. But this year, moms are balancing their hat stack higher. In one day, moms have become coaches, home school teachers, cooks, personal assistants, maids, butlers, tutors, mentors, friends, tech support, art directors, referees, and dozens of other critical positions to hold the household together. And, oh yeah, many are still expected to put in their eight hours of work for the office. 

Moms, 2020 is what none of us expected. But in the midst of this global crisis, on this mother’s day, there is a glimmering silver lining. It may be behind lots of fog, but you don’t have to look far – it’s within the walls of your home. 

Consider this: you get to spend more time with your family during this pandemic than you will likely ever experience again in your lifetime. 

Yes, it’s hard and we miss our “normal.” But how incredible to get to experience the joys of motherhood in this unique way. Consider what you’ve gained by being at home, knocked from your routine, and given even more responsibility and time with your family. Make a list of the good. Add to it often. Then revisit it for years to come. You’ve been given an incredible gift this year. It’s wrapping may be torn and not what you’d choose when lined up side-by-side with other options. But it’s been given nonetheless. The question is, will you choose to enjoy it?


A Grateful Working Mother

P.S. There is a brilliant idea floating around the web about creating a Coronavirus time capsule to capture the memories, feelings, hardships, and joys of family life during the pandemic. If you are looking for a fun activity to do as a family for Mother’s Day, brainstorming and documenting this time with your family could be a unique and fun experience. One mom put together free time capsule printables to share with the world, with pages for every age – newborn through adulthood.