They say it takes a village–and boy, does it ever. But today’s needs are drastically different than the generations before us. With quick moving pieces and constantly changing schedules, moms today need more than a village–they need a complete support network right at their fingertips. Which is why we built The HUB. The support you need, when you need it. Need something you don’t see? Let us know!


Headshot of Katy AdamsKaty Adams
Baby & Toddler Certified Sleep Consultant

Katy Adams is a Certified Sleep Consultant. She studied Elementary Education and Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with honors. Katy joined Live Love Sleep in 2018 and has helped numerous young families get their babies sleeping well. One of her primary goals has been to help parents develop and implement an effective plan to get their baby to sleep. No single plan is perfect but having someone to walk alongside you on this journey to restful nights is incredibly beneficial.

*Virtual Consultations available (In-Home Consultations available for clients in Houston & Austin)

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Headshot of Kely MedinaKaley Medina
Baby & Toddler Certified Sleep Consultant

Kaley Medina is a Certified Sleep Consultant. She works with families to teach their children how to begin sleeping through the night and taking long, restful naps during the day using gentle sleep training methods. Kaley struggled with her daughter’s sleep and wasn’t comfortable letting her “cry it out”. When she learned that there were much gentler approaches, she was all in. She founded Live Love Sleep to help moms and their children get the sleep they need and deserve.

*Virtual Consultations available (In-Home Consultations available for clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area)

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Lindsey Cosyns & Laura Krebs-Holm
Registered Dietitians

Lindsey and Laura met in grad school as they studied to become registered dietitians. Their shared passion for wellness and health through nutrition brought them together. After having their own children, they both really wanted to help expectant mothers, new mothers, and mamas of multiples with whatever new nutritional waters they were crossing. We believe that motherhood is the most difficult and rewarding thing we ever do. It’s also the most important. Let us help you and your family truly thrive.


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Courses & Downloadable Resources

Career & Personal Coaching

Headshot of Anna McKayAnna McKay
Return to Work & Leadership Development Coach

Anna McKay is the founder of Parents Pivot and a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. Parents Pivot is the career transition resource for parents. Whether you are returning to paid work after an extended career pause, returning from parental leave, or managing work life integration as a leader and a parent, we provide 1:1 and group coaching to support you through these key transitions.


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Courses & Downloadable Resources


Mental Health & Family Therapy

Dr. Elizabeth Hentschel
Ph.D., PMH-C

Dr. Hentschel is a licensed psychologist and perinatal mental health specialist who works with women who sometimes feel overwhelmed and recognize transitions – as an individual, employee, partner, friend – as challenging. She uses evidence-based approaches (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to educate and empower people to develop skills they can use forever, making short-term treatment very effective. She values diversity and provides culturally sensitive treatment for each unique client.


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Lactation Consultants

Leah Whitley

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Leah Whitley is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She prides herself in providing prompt quality breastfeeding care and discovered her passion for breastfeeding after the birth of her eldest daughter. With more than a decade of experience, her ultimate goal is to facilitate happy, healthy, babies while simultaneously providing the tools and support new moms need to be successful. She currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and three daughters.


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