Self Study THRIVE Digital Course



You’ve paused your career for parenting, and now you’re ready to re-enter the workforce, find a different calling, or use your skills in a new way.

The Thrive Like A Mother self study course will help you explore career choices, define your strengths, learn how to leverage your skills, and get excited for this next chapter in your life.

If you have taken a career pause, want to return to paid work, and are not sure what you want to do

– don’t want to go back to the career that you had before children, but you aren’t sure what else to do
– feel like you have been off of your career path for so long that you don’t know where to start
– feel like you have some idea of what you want to do but need some support to take the leap
– want to find clarity around what’s next for you…

Then THRIVE is for you!

If you would like:

– to explore career choices and environments that may be best suited for your strengths
– to develop the stories around your strengths so that you can clearly communicate them in your resume, on LinkedIn and in interviews.
– learn my proprietary DEPTH framework for thinking through the value that you bring an employer
– to reconnect with what gives you a sense of fulfillment outside of your family
– to grow your self-confidence around returning to work and learn confidence building strategies that will last you a lifetime
– to hone your job search skills with tips around building your network, resumes, LinkedIn, salary negotiation, interview prep, etc.
– to clarify a new direction to find more excitement and energy around what’s next all at your own pace!

Then sign up for this self paced course and let THRIVE be the catalyst for you to move towards what’s next. 

What’s included in this course?

8 weeks of all the information you will need for a successful job search as a return to work candidate

  1. Goal Setting and connect to your motivations for returning to paid work
  2. Strengths, values, priorities, and bringing it all together to select the next career.
  3. Building confidence to explore your job choices.  Conduct your informational interviews
  4. Create your elevator pitch & explore what you learned in your informational interviews
  5. Resume & Cover letter tips or Market Research path, learn how to address your career pause on your resume
  6. LinkedIn tips
  7. Interview Prep, learn how to talk about your career pause in an interview
  8. Salary Negotiation & Close

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